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Washing Machine and Dryer

August 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Our washing machine and dryer are both broken. I really do not like to do laundry anyway. A broken washing machine and dryer make for a handy excuse for not doing the laundry. Unfortunately, at some point, that excuse no longer works. We have run through every towel in the house, even the guest bedroom towels. We were out of clean sheets. With school starting back in the morning, we need to have clean clothes ready to go for everyone in the family first thing.

Today Lee and I schlepped the kids and all of our laundry to the laundromat. We have made the laundromat run once a week for the past month. When we were doing that we were only doing the clothes and not the sheets and towels. It must have been close to 500 – 600 pounds of laundry. If it was not actually that much laundry, it certainly felt like 500 – 600 pounds of laundry. We loaded up the washing machines that hold 5 times a normal load. Hey, I told you we had lots of laundry to do. 5 times a normal load! You have got to love that. 30 minutes later all the laundry was completely washed. Then it took about 45 minutes or so for all the laundry to dry. With all four of us working at one time on folding, we finished in no time flat.

I know we will be hitting Craig’s List for a washer and dryer before long. While I love the convenience of doing laundry at home, I also love the fact that we can do so much laundry at one time in 2 – 3 hours start to finish.

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