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Palin Cartoon

September 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

One of my most popular posts (with about 50 readers every day from search engines) is Make Yourself Into a Cartoon. People searching for this are usually trying to find a quick, easy way to take a picture of themselves and convert it into a cartoon. Photoshop experts can do it themselves, but it takes hours. This online photo conversion tool helps the average person do it with ease.

I wrote that post 9 months ago, so in an effort to give the masses what they want and keep things fresh at the same time, I’m updating the demonstration of this tool (from our friends at that allows you to turn a photo into a cartoon. They call it their cartoonizer. You can upload any photo and convert it into a color cartoon or a black and white sketch. I’ve used it here to make two Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin cartoons and one sketch.

Palin Cartoon 1Palin Cartoon Sketch

Palin Cartoon 2 also has a tool they call Uvatar which allows you to make yourself into an avatar by uploading a photo of yourself, going through a few simple steps to outline your head, position your head on a body, choose clothing or costumes, and choose a background. I’ve done it here, again with Sarah Palin. So here is her new “Wonder Woman from Alaska” Avatar! (Note: I like and respect Sarah Palin and could not be happier with John McCain’s choice to add her as his running mate. See my post McCain Picks Palin for Veep. So my Palin Cartoon is done with love.)

Palin Wonder Woman Avatar

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