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July 19th, 2008 · No Comments

The Primary Elections are finally over in Georgia, well, unless you have to go to a runoff. Luckily, none of my friends are facing a runoff! Life during an election is almost totally absorbed with campaign activity and everything else takes the back burner.

If you are blessed your non-political friends understand this and do not take offense to your lack of timely response to non-pressing emails and phone calls. Thankfully, I seem to be blessed. I think I got caught up on all my emails yesterday and I think I stayed caught up with my phone calls throughout. Yea!

My children have been so patient with me this election season. When they asked for something that I simply did not have the time to do, I told them we would put it on the list for after the election. About 2 weeks prior to the actual primary election day as GigglyGirl was telling God what she was thankful for, she said “Thank you for Mrs. State Rep and Mr. State Rep and for the election being over.” Notice the keywords: election being over – we were still 2 weeks out from it being over. We did arrange for them to go to the pool and for a few playdates with friends so they were not completely without their social interaction during the election cycle.

On Wednesday, I spent the day with the children and made sure they understood how much I appreciated their patience. We had a trip to the toy store, the movie theater, and a special dinner.

Maybe you are wondering what all is involved in a political campaign at a local level. Well, most of it is truly grunt work. There are envelopes to be stuffed, cards to be addressed, doors to be knocked, calls to be made, data to be entered, events to be organized, and commitments to be kept. None of these tasks taken individually is too difficult. With the looming deadline of Election Day, everything must be done as quickly as possible because most of it cannot be put off. I had quite a few sleepless nights and many, many nights with only a very few hours of sleep.

Alas, the primary is over and I did get a little extra rest on Wednesday and Friday. Now it is time to return to the land of the living and the land of the 98% of the population who could care less about campaign activities – these are otherwise known as “normal people.”

During the past couple of months several things have happened that are blog worthy:
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7. Our Garden
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I’ll be writing about each of these over the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned!

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